The Weed Indexing Menu Program

Created by Daniel Evans
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This presentation will give you a basic overview of how to use WIMP.

Loading Dispensaries

Dispensaries can be loaded in two different ways.

You can either load from a File or load from a Link

Load From File

Loading from a file allows you to get dispensaries in an area specific to you. Even those not available in the weedmaps region list.

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Step 1.

Visit the area you wish to load. Any dispensaries that can be seen on the page will be loaded in a few steps.


Step 2.

Hit File -> Save Page As...
Make sure to save the File as a Webpage, Complete


Step 3.

Select the file you just created in W.I.M.P.
A folder may have been created along with the HTML file. This can be deleted. It is not needed.

Load From Link

Loading from a link allows you to get dispensaries using the Region links on weedmaps.com


Using any link that isn't a direct region link from Weedmaps will result in a failed search.

Region Links

Region links are the pre-generated areas that can be found on weedmaps.com. region


W.I.M.P's current features include

  • Mode Price
  • Wax Search
  • DOGO Mode
  • Strain Name Search
  • Remove Dispensary
  • Mode Price

    This feature will figure out the average price per quantity for all of the loaded dispensaries.
    Clicking one of these buttons will load the dispensaries with that price into the model.


    Wax Search

    This bar allows you to search for wax within a price range. You can specifiy the quantity, if it's shatter, and how many different waxes the store must have within those requirements.



    The Show Dogo button filters the list to show any dispensary that has any DOGO strains.

    Strain Name Search

    Everyone has a favorite, and some people have a need. This feature allows you to search the currently loaded dispensaries for any strain name you'd like. Helpful for patients who need strains like Charlotte's Web.

    Remove Dispensary

    See a dispensary that's mucking up the prices? Have one you just don't like? Select it in the menu and click this button to watch it disappear!


    - Download Here
    - Having trouble launching the application? You need JRE8
    - Have a question? Want a feature? Shoot me an email at [email protected]
    - Thanks for using W.I.M.P!